3rd Metabolism in Health & Disease: Understanding the Role of Metabolism in Development, Physiology

Dates October 1-4, 2024
Location St. Julians, Malta
Organizer Fusion Conferences
In recent years it has come into focus that many different tissues and cell types undergo metabolic changes that directly impact their function and differentiation. As such, correct metabolic re-wiring is beneficial and a requirement for appropriate cellular responses, while aberrant metabolic reprogramming can lead to inappropriate function and have implications on a wide variety of disease states. In spite of recent advances in the field of metabolism, our understanding of the mechanisms underlying how metabolites signal, how metabolic reprogramming occurs, and how cellular organelles modulate these processes remains limited. In this meeting we aim to bring together researchers from different areas of biology, that may otherwise have little crossover, but for their common interest in how metabolism impacts cell differentiation and function.

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