Cross-Fertilisation of ideas from the Riemann–Hilbert Technique and the Wiener–Hopf Method

Dates October 27-November 1, 2024
Location Hangzhou, China
Organizer Institute for Advanced Study in Mathematics (IASM)
In recent years significant progress has been made within the fundamental areas of complex analysis which resulted in development of the unified transform method, numerical methods for Riemann-Hilbert problems, advances in matrix Wiener-Hopf method, and conformal mappings of multiply connected domains. This workshop will bring together world-leading experts and new generation of researchers in Riemann-Hilbert problems and Wiener-Hopf method, and related areas of complex analysis, as well as the applications of these techniques in various areas of science and technology. The fruitful collaborations between pure and applied communities within these areas (from both Academy and Industry) will promote connections between different branches of modern sciences and will help in addressing complex technological and societal challenges.

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