DM2024 — Deep Mixing 2024

Dates October 2-5, 2024
Location Yokohama, Japan
The theme of the conference is 'Information and Communication Technology and Sustainability in Deep Mixing'. The deep mixing method was developed 50 years ago, and thereafter, advancements have been made. The deep mixing method used currently has been possible owing to the continuous research and development, allowing us to design and execute reliable ground improvements using this method. Meanwhile, the information and communication technology wave has also reached the Deep Mixing world, affecting everything from soil investigation and design to execution. Additionally, sustainability presents critical challenges. We could reduce CO2 emissions by using less cement, contributing to the Sustainable Development Goals. However, the traditional themes of QC/QA, technology development, and applied research are also important. Our conference programme aims to emphasise on these issues and is designed to motivate collaboration, innovation, and discovery with researchers and practitioners worldwide.

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