Quantum Markov Semigroups and Channels: Special Classes and Applications

Dates August 18-23, 2024
Location Oaxaca, Mexico
Organizer Casa Matematica Oaxaca (CMO)
Recently, a lot of efforts have been for made the development of quantum technologies. Against this background, and partly motivated by it, the study of quantum channels and their continuous version, quantum Markov semigroups, has undergone an active development as a part of the mathematical framework of the theory. Because the new mathematical developments are being driven by problems arising in a wide variety of potential applications, it is especially timely to bring both seasoned researches, who are leading the various different aspects of the recent advances in the field, together with young recently graduated PhD in order to develop a general perspective of the current research advances, problems and opportunities. We welcome young researchers interested in these topics. The main topics of the workshop will include: Quantum Gaussian states and semigroups, Generalized quantum Gaussian semigroups, Weak-coupling, low density, digraph induced and G-circulant semigroups, Invariant states, attraction domains and decoherence-free subalgebras, applications to quantum transport and information theory.

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