Rise_Time: Explosive Astrophysics in the era of High-Cadence Astronomy

Dates August 7-9, 2024
Location West Lafayette, United States
Organizer Purdue University, Department of Physics and Astronomy
Time-domain astronomy is rapidly evolving, and astronomers have become increasingly good at catching fast transients on very short timescales. Additionally, both theorists and observers working on astrophysical transients have a habit of expanding their science across several subfields, resulting in a highly interconnected community. This motivates a continuous opening of new lines of communication between transient scientists, developed in a highly active and engaging conference setting. Rise_Time is a conference for transient astrophysicists of all kinds; theorists, observers, and numericists; experts on gravitational waves, radio, optical, IR, UV, X-Rays, gamma rays, cosmic rays, neturinos, and any other observing technologies we didn't think to mention. We aim to generate a highly diverse, inclusive, and interactive environment, with plenty of time and energy allocated for questions and interactive discussions. Attendees are encouraged to be participants rather than spectators.

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