Trimester Program — Boolean Analysis in Computer Science

Dates September 9-December 18, 2024
Location Bonn, Germany
Organizer Hausdorff Research Institute for Mathematics (HIM)
The trimester program aims to bring together experts, postdocs, and students in computer science and certain areas in mathematics (analysis, probability, and combinatorics) in order to learn about some challenging open problems recently raised in computer science, to use and invent necessary new tools and techniques in mathematics to solve these challenging problems, and vice versa to learn and further extend methods developed in computer science to develop new directions in mathematics motivated by questions in computer science. The core topics of the trimester program would be: learning theory, complexity of classical and quantum algorithms, vector valued functions on the hypercube, complex Hypercontractivity, polynomial inequalities on the hypercube, and discrete approximation theory on the hamming cube.

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